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Breakfast Menu
Time 8.30AM to 12.30PM


Indian Simply Breakfast
(One aloo prantho served with pickle and curd & one rnasala tea)

Healthy Breakfast
(Muesli with banana with milk cmd 2 toast with butter, jam & honey and one black tea or any regular coffee)

French Breakfast
(2 Crepes soft with banana and chocolate and tea or any one regular coffee)

Spanish Breakfast 
(Omelette with mushroom, potato, onion and bell peppers in olive oil, grilled potato & tomato, pieces of buttered toast with jam or honey, tea or any one regular coffee)

Festa Special Breakfast 
(2 Eggs (how you like), grilled potato & tomato, 2 pieces of butter toast with jam or honey, tea or any one regular coffee or shake)

Indian Special Breakfast
(One cheese paratha, one vegetable bread omelette, pickle & tea or any one regular coffee or shake)

Poha (Flattened Rice)
(Traditional home breakfast of west India, very light & delicious. Sauteed with carrot, bell pepper, onion and tomato, especially mix with turmeric & coriander herb for many health benefits) Served with masala tea/regular coffee

Scrambled Egg with Brown Bread
(4 Eggs with cheese, butter, milk, 2 pcs. of bread and any one regular coffee or any one tea)
Greek Omelette with Feta
(Spinach, onion, garlic, tomatoes cooked in olive oil with 2 eggs, sprinkle of feta cheese)

French Toast with Honey

Plain Chocolate Crepe

Muesli with Fresh Fruits, curd & Honey

Banana Porridge with Milk and Honey

Plain Porridge with Milk

Muesli with Milk & Honey

Cornflakes with Milk

Festa Special Omelette with Bread

Bread Butter Toast with Jam/Honey

Half Fried Egg (2 Eggs)

Hot Milk

Hot Chocolate Milk

Hot Brownie with Chocolate